Haru's Game Master Application

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Haru's Game Master Application

Post  Haru on Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:42 pm

My IGN is Haru, my RL name is Naram but everyone just calls me Haru because it's easier Smile

Name: Naram

Age: 15

Timezone: GMT-5

Time willing to dedicate: At the least 3 hours and most is probably like all day long. I can play as long as I want to so it doesn't really matter about the time. I can stay up very long as well even though I have school.

Have to ever been a GM before? If so for who?: I have been a GM in many different servers, although those servers were not very popular they still had the least of 20 people. The server with the most people was basically around 50. I have been a GM in servers such as: TsukiyumiStory, FlickMS, CloudsMS, KryptonStory, SeekerStory, PromiseMS, LouisMS, DessertMS, K-StyleStory, and many others. These servers had been all sort of versions. One v55, one v75 and many in v62. So basically I'm best at v62 servers for GMs out of all the other versions. I have gotten used to v62 GM commands and if not I have a GM handbook in case I don't. I am also good with v55, I'm not that used to v75 though. (I do not have the proof but if needed I will get some of the people I've been working with in that certain server and you could ask them. Razz)

Why do you want to be a GM: I would like to apply for a GM because I'm very sure that I am responsible enough to take that job. I'm applying mostly because I am very experienced as a GM. Being GM is not all fun and games, just like other people who is always abusing their powers and position as GM. When your a GM you must take that responsibility seriously and not play around.

How would you help the server and its people: I can help the server regularly as usual, I can vote, help online people and by hosting events. I will try to make it as fun as possible and try not to mess up. But everyone would make some mistakes in their life.

What if you see a hacker, what will you do?: If I see a hacker I would not hesitate to ban them. But first, I would use the skill "Hide" to make sure the person is hacking, then take a screenshot so he can't complain about why he got banned for no reason. For a GM, It's very much their job to keep the players happy and to get rid of all hackers that are just annoying the other players.

Additional information: I have been in this game long and somewhat experienced with some of the NPCs and items and as a GM, I will dedicate myself to this server. I am very well aware of the difficulties of some players so I will try help as much as I can. I don't mind people hating me because I'm not well known in game, I am also Korean. I don't really mind which level of GM I am able to get as long as I can help with that power. Smile

Contact Information: My msn is naram_1006@hotmail.com, so if you have any problems please contact me.

Thank you for making effort and taking the time in reading my GM application! Very Happy


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