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Mike''s GM app

Post  Mike on Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:55 pm

I know I am already a GM, but i just wanted to make it fair so theres not "He didn't even post a GM app, WTFUXX!?" So here it is..

Name : Mike

Age : 16

Active? : I'll be on ALL the time EVERYDAY.

Location : I live in New York, which is EST time, but I can stay up as late as i want and get up as early as i want, so I guess Location does not matter much.

Contact Information : A.V.E.N.G.E.R@msn.com

Why do you want to become a GM? :I've played maple for about 3 years now. I played in Bellocan and have a LEGIT 165 NightLord. I HAVE hacked on Bishops/Cleric when GMS hacks were out but GMS was NEVER satisfying enough. I started to play Private Servers ( Which i really knew nothing about, until I tried) and i found it amazingly addictable. It was JUST like GMS, except you got EVERYTHING you wished for that you could never get in GMS, such as gaining quick EXP, awsome items, cheap scrolls, and sometimes generous GM's. I've become very addicted and so, i sold my GMS account on Ebay. I have been playing Private Servers now for some time and I dont plan on stopping anytime soon. I am not a prick, and I dont intend on being a prick to anybody. I am a mature person who likes to have fun. I speak very well English also. I am very good at hosting events, i also know what players like to keep them hooked onto the server. I will not do anything without the permission of the owner. It would be great to be a GM on such a server like this with great potential and such a stable environment. I will continue to play on BlizzardMS even if this application fails. The gamemaster's/players on this server are good friends of mine now, and i hope for it to continue that way.

Do you have any experience? : Wink You would be surprised what 3 years of GMS could do for you. I KNOW where hackers are, I have a very good sense of who is a hacker and who isn't, and on the side of hacking, I know where every NPC is and what towns are where. I know that may sound pathetic, but its true. Embarassed . I was a GM on MeowMS (Currently got Shutdown =[) and a GM on IntenseMS.

EXTRA : I have made some Skill.wz edits such as *Hurricane*(its in blue)- *Flash Jump*(When you flash jump there is a cool flying blue thing thats next to you)- And others. I have it, so if you would like to try it out just give me a heads up ^.^

Here are some of my .wz Edits... There on BlizzardMS forums because i was a GM there (Until i met Ray), so here they are. :

http://blizzardms.freeforums.org/my-custom-dragon-roar-t45.html - "Custom Dragon Roar."

http://blizzardms.freeforums.org/hurricane-d-t44.html - "Custom Hurricane."

http://blizzardms.freeforums.org/my-wz-skill-edits-t30.html - "Custom Avenger/FJ"

http://blizzardms.freeforums.org/gm-sign-edited-t42.html - "Custom GM Sign"

http://blizzardms.freeforums.org/my-custom-level-up-t48.html - "Custom Level Up"

http://blizzardms.freeforums.org/improved-skill-wz-edits-by-notorious-t38.html - "Custom Teleport/Shadow Partner/ Damage.

Thanks for reading, Buddy me In-game ~ [GM]Mike

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Re: Mike's GM app

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:09 am

i don't really need those wz edits but all i wanna work on right now is the custom map name rainbowland and advertise for this server with a nice banner and stuff. but your accepted for help&support and replacement of a event gm if they're not on.

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