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Post  michael9898 on Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:54 pm

Name: Michael (can't tell u my last name private T_T)
Time Zone: PST
Age: 13
Well I just recently became a gm in a server called MsPsv62 and it shut down because of david, who got sick of maple (aim contact davidbad14 if u wanna ask). I was only a gm for like 1 month, but i had a great time and i got to ban a few people (with the help of people). In the event of it shut down I have looked around for a new server and well i found this one. I have experience in events, balancing the prizes, banning/jailing people, and i dont favor one person. I have been in mabye 100's of servers and i kno idea's to help the server
Why you should pick me? Hmmm well, to be honest i dont really know. It is ur choice i cant say that i am better or a nicer guy than anyone.
What can you contribute?:
I have a knack for getting people to play and advertising on youtube, voting sites, and etc. Im a rly advertising person

Just email anythings you want to kno at michaelmoon57@yahoo.com

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