Back To The Old Repack Server Up ~

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Back To The Old Repack Server Up ~

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:48 pm

Guess The New Repack Didn't Work Out Good. So I'll Switch Back To The Old Repack .. Again I'm Sorry For The Wipes.

Rates Are Back To 500x/500x/5x

Sand Quest Added Smile
Collect 2500 Sand From The Sand Giants And Get A Ring From Mo.
The Ring Adds +2000 All Stats
How To Get There: Use Spinel / Town / The Giant Of Sunset
* Empty Out Your Inventory First Before Getting The Ring : Make Sure It's Not Full.*

~ Devil Slime Quest Added ~
Noooo ! The Devil Slimes Has Taken Over The Peaceful Ship .. Please Kill Them And Collect There Mark Of Evil And Give Them To T-1337 For Godly Weapons.

1000 Mark Of Evil = One Handed Sword ( Life Saver ) All Jobs / Weapon Attack + 1337
2000 Mark Of Evil = One Handed Sword ( LunchBox ) All Jobs / Weapon Attack + 2500
How To Get There : Spinel/Town/The Peaceful Ship

More To Come . . . .

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