(UPDATE)GM Application For RainBowStory

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(UPDATE)GM Application For RainBowStory

Post  Cursed on Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:42 pm

Well i felt the need to update my Application

~Personal Information~

Age: 16
Location: Canada
Time Zone:(GMT-8:00) Pacific Time
Available Times:
WeekEnds: 12 - 12:00PM
WeekDays: 3:45 - 10:00PM (School)

~ Experience: GM ~

1) What server's Have I worked for:
SchooledMS,ElitenessMS,MSStrike,GreenStory,SoulMS And MapleiCe

2) How long you worked for that server(s):
I have worked on each server for about 1- 3 weeks each, Could of stayed longer but they all shutdown.

3) Reason for leaveing:
SchooledMs- Shut Down
ElitenessMS- ShutDown
MSStrike- ShutDown
GreenStory - ShutDown
SoulMS - (Left) Because: Owner Hardly Turned On The Server
MapleiCe - (Left) Because: lagged/dc to much to acutaly play the game

~BackGround Of Maplestory~

gMS (Global)

1) How Long Have You Played gMS: For About 3 Years

2) Do You Still Play: Yes But Not As Much.

~Other information~

1) Why should you be a GM And Why Should You Be Pick Over Others:
Ive had plenty of Expirence as a GM.
I love hosting events and dealing with problems, And even helping out with the server.
Id even helpout with a video ad for the server im probaly not that good Very Happy but id try.

3) What can you do to help the server:
Video Ad's,Websites,Banners,NPCS,CustomPQs

4) What are your Advantages and disadvantages:

(A) Having Expirences as GM & being able to setup websites/make banners.

(D) None.

~Contact information~
Pm Me Or Contact Me InGame

IGN: Cursed

~Work Ive Done~


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Re: (UPDATE)GM Application For RainBowStory

Post  Dream on Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:55 pm


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Re: (UPDATE)GM Application For RainBowStory

Post  michael9898 on Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:38 pm

its good but how can you prove you actually made them T_T

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Re: (UPDATE)GM Application For RainBowStory

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