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GM Application-Dream

Post  Dream on Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:07 pm

Name: David
Ign Dream
Experince? Well yes i have Experince of being GM because i have Been Gm on 3 Sever Rencetly but i feel like should help others severs.
How long have i played maplestory? for 3 years now
Am i Good at Gm? yes i am because i use to be Event Gm and Gm that catchs hackers and help players lol
About me im am a fun guy playful somtimes mean when u do somthing dumb i go outside somtimes to play but i love games
? Yes im Active i play for like 5 hours a day but it is a Long weekend for me so ill be on alot .
Thank you for your time i hope i get to Be SuperGM or Head GM Razz
SO bye i hope i see you ingame. Even tho im new im fun.

Also i can Advertise like crazy but only when u tell me to

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